Jerusalem Notebook
Evan Kennedy


In Dirt or Saltwater
Desiree C. Bailey


In Pieces
Rosmarie Waldrop


Early Bird
Jean Day

You Have the Eyes of a Martyr
Jackqueline Frost

Mirror Poems
Polly Duff Bresnick

The Rain
Ben Mazer

The Horses That Come Out of Our Heads


Homullus Absconditus
Magnus William-Olsson, trans. Olivia Olsen


The Main Cause of the Exodus
Dawn Lundy Martin

Judah Rubin

Like Clouds Never Render
Sampson Starkweather

Molly Schaeffer

Charity Coleman


Everybody Suffers: The Selected Poems
of Juan García Madero

trans. Matt Longabucco

Adoration of the Towering Weed
Dylan Fettig

Journals & Other Poems
Kit Schluter