O'Clock Press No. 12

Photos by Ryan Collerd
Homullus Absconditus
Magnus William-Olsson, trans. Olivia Olsen


52 pages
6.5" x 8.5"

Edition of 100



From Homullus Absconditus:

Hieronymus and Augustine

Of the lie I believe like Hieronymus that it is a border. And
a border is also a place. But in each such place a line can be drawn that you
     always stand on one or the other side of, or both

No! says Augustine, the lie is this very line!

I believe
in the untruthful, in the lawless
Only in the speech that draws within itself the line of lies do I believe, slithering
     between sounds, gestures and asterisks

I believe in the translations, the horsetrading, the annotations
The temporary truths. Handshakes, not signatures!

In the hour of devastation
You can trust only those you have lied to and those who have lied to you

In the night of devastation Augustine’s lamp is dark
And when you turn up your face to be kissed by his truth
the mask is empty and your tongue dances in thin air